The New Balance 550 silhouette was originally released in 1989 under the P550 model name. Shop the New Balance 550 collection on DELTITECH.

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The shape of the New Balance 550 is a classic, and the components used in most models feature the standard leather and mesh construction that many sneaker collectors might expect from a shoe of this type. The leather provides some structure, and the mesh enhances breathability for running and other tasks. As with many vintage silhouettes that fans have come to know and love, the 550 received a sort of homage in 2020. Teddy Santis, founder of Aime Leon Dore, reintroduced the silhouette with off-white premium leather and midsoles that had a somewhat yellowed, aged look. This was a nod to the classic status of the New Balance 550. The tribute to the 550 also includes accents of various colors to denote its status as a basketball-inspired shoe. Historically, the 550 may have been overshadowed by other models New Balance crafted, particularly from the company's running shoes. However, the 550 has still achieved a following among lifestyle footwear fans. Buy and Sell the New Balance 550 collection now on DELTITECH.